🏆Building a Running Base 101🏆

•Any structure you build needs a strong & durable foundation. 
•Preparing for a race needs to be treated the same way. 
•If the foundation of a runner isn’t built properly they risk injury, plateauing or being not mentally ready race day.
•Main objective is developing aerobic potential max, mentality and physically being prepared for the next training stage. 

My training for the Stillwater Half Marathon begins in March 1st. I’m using a training schedule for that training (provided by @higdonmarathon TAP to see the APP)
Now I’m in the base training phase. 

•I’m only taking 1 day off a week 
•I run 2-3 times a week 3-4 miles at slow pace
•walk or elliptical the rest of the days of the week 

This gets my cardiovascular system back in the game of running again, even though I’ve run more Half Marathons then I can count I want to train smart and building a strong base will ensure you cross the finish line in one piece.



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