10 Minute Arm Workout

Why do just 10 minutes of an arm workout?

It is a very effective and a convenient way to start achieving toned arms and reaping full body benefits. The short time commitment make it easy to stick with.

3 Rounds of all 4 Excerises

Push-ups x10

Wide Plank Renegade Rows x10

Alternating Bicep Curls x10

Alternating Tricep Curls x10

Make sure to use good form when executing all exercises and with each Round go up in weight if your form is on point and you have the strength to do so.

Many people struggle to find large blocks of time to workout. A 10 minute arm session can be easily done during a TV commercial or while you are waiting for water to boil.

While focused on arms, short bursts of strength training like push-ups provide full body benefits. They elevate your heart rate and provide a bit of cardio challenge too.

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