30 Minute HIIT Workout

What is a HIIT Workout? It is a workout that involves short bursts of high intense exercises so intense it should be hard for you to talk. This is followed by exercises that are less intense but raise your heart rate slightly.

One of the many benefits of a HIIT workout is it is time-efficient you get both aerobic and anaerobic benefits from alternating your exercises intensities.

You can repeat these exercises and do another Round if you are feeling good and need more then 30 minutes of exercise. Otherwise stick to 1 Round of all the exercises.

  • Jumping jacks (2 minutes)
  • Push-ups (1 minute)
  • Squats (1 minute)
  • rest (30 secs)
  • Squat Jumps (1 minute)
  • Front lunges (1 minute)
  • rest (30 secs)
  • High kness (1 minute)
  • Tricep close grip push-ups (1 minute)
  • rest (30 secs)
  • Squat jumps (1 minute)
  • Bicycle press crunch (1 minute)
  • rest (30 secs)
  • Jumping jacks (2 minute)
  • Tricep dips (1 minute)
  • rest (30 secs)
  • Plank hold (1 minute)

This is such a great full body HIIT (high intenstiy interval training) workout you can do anywhere. Remember you can add weights whenever you want just keep good form and if that good form is compromised go down in weight or just use your body weight.

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