4 x 4 ABS

This workout is perfect for when you travel, if you are on a time constraint, just finished or you are about to start a cardio workout. It is an AB workout that is 20 minutes long and covers all the abdominal wall. You don’t need weights at all but if you have a set try and incorporate them into this ab workout.

One big reason to workout your ABS is for injury prevention. When your core/AB muscles are weak, your back has to work harder to support your body. Targeting the AB muscles with Ab exercises makes them stronger thus taking the pressure off your back.

Everyday activities like getting up out of a chair, carrying groceries, playing with your kids or grandchildren all involve the abdominal muscles. Having strong ABS makes these tasks feel easier.


4 exercises done back to back (it’s called a giant set) take a break after the 4th exercise is complete. Your break should be 30-60 seconds only then hit the next Round (4 Rounds total).

Execute each exercise for 1 minute

4 Rounds total of all 4 exercises in each Round.

20 Minute Workout

4 Rounds of all 4 Exercises

  • Full weighted sit-up
  • OH (over head) shoulder hold (alternating) bent knee in and outs
  • Mason twist feet down
  • DB Scissors

Use the timer on your phone or clock to keep track of the minute marker. Take a break after the 4th exercise is finished. Keep yourself hydrated after each Round, takes sips of water, it will help you get through the next Round.


“Aging is the Aggressive Pursuit of Comfort”

The faster you pursuit comfort the quicker you age.

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