4 x 4 Leg Workout featuring my friends Jennie & Gary

Recently I traveling to Mexico with my children and my friends to attend a wedding. The hotel gym was fantastic and was stacked with equipment. However, that is not always the case when you are traveling, much less traveling to another country. I put together a leg workout to do even if you don’t have equipment or a gym in your hotel, you can do this workout right in your hotel room.

Two of my friends that were attending the same wedding have been dedicated athletes forever (Jennie & Gary), in fact, I train Jennie in a small group workout several times a week. I asked them if they would do this Leg workout with me and we crushed it.

Thankfully, our hotel gym had great equipment and they had BOSU balls. BOSU balls added to any exercise forces you to use stabilizing muscles and increases the intensity of any exercise it is added to. We used our own body weight in some of the exercises so we could focus on form and duration of the exercise.

4 x 4 workouts are 4 exercises done in 4 Rounds (its called a giant set). You complete all 4 exercises and then take a break after the 4th exercise is complete. Your break should be 30-60 seconds then hit the next Round.

Execute each exercise for 1 minute

4 Rounds total of all 4 exercises in each Round

20 minute total workout

4 Rounds of all 4 exercises

  • Reverse Lunge/Squat/ Bicep Curl (Heavy weights)
  • BOSU ball Lateral lunge (body weight)
  • BOSU ball Lateral lunge (body weight)
  • BOSU ball Devils Press

Use the timer on your phone or the clock on the wall to keep track of the minute marker. Take a break after the 4th exercise is finished. Keep yourself hydrated after each Round, take sips of water, it will help you get through the next Round.


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