4 x 4 LEG Workout

Let’s talk about why LEG day (the day you work out your lower body) so difficult?

There are few reasons:

  1. Legs are a large muscle group, some of the largest in the body. Exerting large muscle mass takes a lot of effort (energy).
  2. Squats, lunges, and leg press type exercises work multiple muscles at the same time placing a greater demand on the body.
  3. Squats, deadlifts, and lunges require balance and motor control placing strain on the nervous system.
  4. Leg exercises raise the heart rate quickly putting you in an anaerobic state. That translates into the body quickly becoming fatigued.
  5. Lastly, you use your legs all day long, they are constantly under stress unlike the upper body.

Working your lower body out requires a lot of energy so once again my advice is to be very consistent and move slowly using great form on each exercise.

I suggest you work your lower body 1-2 times a week.

This 4 x 4 workout is around 20 minutes and will hit every muscle of the legs plus the abs.

4 exercises done back to back (it’s called a giant set) take a break after the 4th exercise is complete. Your break should be 30-60 seconds then hit the next Round.

Execute each exercise for 1 minute.

There are 4 Rounds of all 4 exercises

4 x 4 Leg Workout

4 Rounds of all 4 Exercises

  • Alternating lateral moving DB swing
  • Reverse lunge-knee drive-twist (both right and left side of the body)
  • OH (over-head hold) Shoulder hold-lunge pulse (both right and side of the body)
  • Glute bridge pulse

Use the timer on your phone or clock to keep track of the minute marker. Take a break after the 4th exercise is finished. Keep yourself hydrated after each Round, takes sips of water, it will help you get through the next Round.


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