4 x 4 Workout Arms & ABS Blaster

Introducing our new 4 x 4 workouts. We have full body, upper, lower and ab 4 x 4 workouts. The workouts are 4 exercises done back to back for 4 Rounds. Each exercise executed for 1 minute each, which equates to a quick and efficient 20 minute workout.

This 4 x 4 workout is Arms & Abs. The time efficiency is so convenient you can fit this workout into any busy schedule. Your metabolism remains elevated for hours after this workout, meaning you continue to burn calories which can help with weight loss goals.

Mentally, starting a workout that is only 20 minutes long motivates you to do ACTUALLY do the workout and the more you add these 4 x 4 workouts in the more you feel motivated to do stretch training workouts. Your sense of accomplishment gets boosted and you start to work harder, smarter and more consistent which is half the battle with making working part of your life.

The 4 x 4 Arms & Abs Workout

4 exercises (1 minute execution for each exercise)/ 4 Rounds of all 4 exercises

  • SA (single arm) Renegade Row
  • Mason Twist (1 Medium to heavy weight)
  • Machine gun bicep curls (go up in weight size with each Round)
  • Db suitcase crunch

Use the timer on your phone or the clock to keep track of the minute long execution. Take a break after the 4th exercise is finished. Keep yourself hydrated after each Round small sips of water will help you get through the Round.


“Strive for progress not perfection”

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