45 Minute Full Body Workout

The workout I’ve put together incorporates exercises that will target all your major muscle groups for a calorie burning, fat shredding session.

We all have 45 minutes to devote to our bodies and this 45 minute workout will not be a waste of time.

2 Rounds of all 6 exercises-doing each exercise for 1 minute

  • Renegade Row (1 Minute)
  • 3 Point Row (1 Minute each arm)
  • Shoulder Press (1 Minute)
  • Shoulder Raise (1 Minute)
  • Reverse to Forward to Lateral Lunge (1 Minute)
  • Thrusters (1 Minute)

If you were able to get through the first Round OK with the weights you were using go up in weight on the second Round.

Remember to go through each exercise like you are going through water or go through the exercises gracefully that thought will help you squeeze (concentrically contracting) and stretching out (eccentrical lengthening).

This workout will boost your metabolism, build muscle, and leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day.

Stay hydrated during the workout. Lets get started!!!!

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