Advanced Full Body Workout

The HOB’s Full Body workouts are not only efficient but they are beneficial for your muscles and heart rate which improve your strength, muscle growth, fat loss and overall fitness.

Our advanced full body workout saves YOU time. This workout allows you to target all major muscles groups in one efficient training session.

Full body workouts tend to involve more exercises and work more muscles, which burn more calories and fat compared to isolated muscle group workouts.

2 Rounds of all 11 exercises with a 20-30 second break after each exercise

  • Push-up Row-Reach x20 each arm
  • Chest flies x20
  • Gluten bridge x20 each leg
  • Glute bridge pulse x20 each leg
  • 1 Leg glute bridge x20 each leg
  • Upright row x20 (SSD single single double)
  • Plank jack x20
  • Cursty lunge x20 (alternating legs)
  • Curtsy pulse x20 each leg
  • Tricep dips x20
  • Tricep kick backs x20 (alternating)

Choose medium weights for the rows and kick backs. Lower weights for upright rows and heavy weights for chest and glutes.

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