Barre Glutes (Using what equipment you have)

There are a few reason why standing Glute work actually works!!

It isolates the glutes. Which builds and tones the glutei muscle.

It improves glutei activation. Training your glutes to fire more efficiently.

It targets the glute max muscle. This improves posture, stability and lower body strength

4 Rounds of all 6 exercises no breaks until all the exercises are finished.

  • Straight leg lift x25 each leg
  • Straight leg pulse x25 each leg
  • Bent leg lift x25 each leg
  • Bent leg pulse x25 each leg
  • Curtsy Lunge x25 each leg
  • Curtsy lunge pulse x25 each leg

My son is a Lax player so I grabbed one of his Lax sticks to simulate holding on to the Barre. You really can do my workouts anywhere.



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