Break Up with Sugar

During the month of January The House of O’Brien is breaking up with refined sugar. We are not breaking up with carbs all together, just refined sugar. The body’s preferred fuel source is sugar. Becoming hooked on refined sugar doesn’t take long at all. We are giving you small tips and some hacks to kick the habit and make better choices.



Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It hits the brain and fires up dopamine in the exact same manner as drugs.

Drinking more water can curb your sweet cravings and hunger by keeping you hydrated. Sometimes you crave sugar due to dehydration, replenishing the water in your body is often a quick trick to kicking the sugar craving.

It’s important to note drinking flavored water or carbonated water will not solve the cravings. Flavored or sweetened water just replaces the sugar you’re trying to avoid and carbonation will dehydrate you even more. YES, carbonated water will dehydrate you.

Stick to pure clean drinking water. At the very least 8/8 ounce glasses of water.

Habit Hack:

Sometimes drinking water feels like chore. Using beautiful glasses with ice and fresh clean water makes the chore now appealing to eye and enjoyable. This subconsciously shapes the visual environment to your eyes, which registers to your brain, that this action is pleasing and attractive. A simple change in what kind of glass you drink your water from can mean drinking the water or ignoring it on the counter all day long.

Good Luck!!


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