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St. Patrick’s Day was always a fun day in our house growing up.

Subsequently, when my kids were little St. Patricks Day was a huge day.

The night before St. Patricks Day, the Leprechaun would visit my house.

The Leprechaun was a different Leprechaun each year so one year the Leprechaun could be a trickster and the next year the Leprechaun could be a good Leprechaun.

The trickster Leprechaun would turn the milk green, hang the kids underwear from the lights in the kitchen, spread Lucky Charms all over the bar in the kitchen, turn the chairs in the kitchen upside down and turn the toilet on the main level green.

The good Leprechaun would have several boxes of Lucky Charms set up on the kitchen bar and tons of fun gifts for the kids when they woke up.

The Leprechaun also left notes for the kids which my kids would analyze for weeks afterwards.

My kids set traps for the Leprechauns (string across their doorways to trip the Leprechaun), and they would set out “Leprechaun sleeping potion” to put the Leprechaun into deep sleep so they could catch him or her.

Fun little traditions we continued until they were in junior high.

Sweater: Tory Burch Merino Fair Isle

Pants: Ann Mashburn Flare Cropped 5-pocket jean

Shoes: Tory Burch Jessa Shearling Clogs

Earrings: J.Crew

Happy Shopping!!

The Leprechaun Sleeping potion has been included in case you want to start a fun new tradition.


  1. Kendall Oberto says:

    What an incredibly sweet story. Too bad my kids are too old to enjoy a new tradition. I will have to save this one up for possible grandkids! Thanks for sharing .

    • elizabeth berg says:

      Thank you so much. We had so much fun with this tradition. However, I will say my kids did have years when their imagination ran wild and the Leprechauns arrival became a little scary, thus we implemented the “Leprechaun potion” and strings across their bedroom doors to trap the Leprechaun and peace of mind for the kids.😂

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