DB (Dumbbell) AB Workout

I incorporate AB workouts into my regular workouts 3 days a week.


Strong core muscles protect your back (and you all know I suffer from a very compromised lower back), improves your athletic performance, and enhances functional strength for everyday activities like lifting groceries or your children or just getting up off the floor.

This workout is mainly focused on the transverse abdominal (lower abs) the below the belt area. That is generally a weaker part of the ab muscle and will fatigue faster. Work through it and keep going even if you’re fatigued LETS GET THOSE MUSCLE STRONGER!!

3 Rounds of all 5 exercises (20 reps for each exercise with a 30 second break in-between each exercise)

  • Plank Toe Touches x20
  • Butterfly Sit-Up x20
  • Reverse Butterfly Sit-Up x20
  • Alternating Jack Knife Sit-Up x20
  • Candlesticks x20


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