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When it comes to AB workouts I don’t mess around. I was born with a compromised lower back, which by the time I was in 7th grade, my back issues would render me immobile at times. As a runner, body builder, triathlete and trainer I’ve managed to strengthen it and sustain my ability to persevere. That is why I put together “Elizabeth’s ABS” and many other fantastic AB workouts. AB workouts are crucial to a strong core and a strong body.

After having my 3 children my back was in shambles and I couldn’t even do a reverse lunge, if I did I was unable to walk for weeks. I implemented AB exercises into my daily workouts and I’ve never stopped. Diligences, drive, and the fear of being immobile pushed me even on the days I wanted nothing more to do with doing more exercise.

This Ab workout is solid and will challenge you but in the best way possible.

3 Rounds of all 6 exercises

  • Arrow crunches x25
  • Bicycle crunches x25
  • Scorpion Press x25 each leg
  • Low Plank cheek to cheek x25
  • Mason twist x25

As you crunch or squeeze make sure to push your stomach inward and your lower back pushed into the mat. This is a well rounded AB workout and is perfect if you can’t get to the gym or you are traveling.

Shrug// Port De Bra

Leggings// Lorna Jane Active

Shoes// Saucony



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