Full Body DB Power

Unlike machine-based exercises that isolate individual muscles, dumbbell exercises work several muscles at once. A bicep curl done with a dumbbell incorporates the forearms, shoulder press the shoulders triceps and core, making this workout an efficient way to target the entire body.

Dumbbells are convenient and portable. They are compact and can be used anywhere, at home, in a hotel, or outdoors.



The Workout

This workout is divided into 5 Super sets. A super set is two exercises done back to back without a break. Once the second exercise is compete take a 30 second break then start the super set over with the first exercise. Execute each super set twice.

Super set #1

  • Chest Press x10
  • One Dumbbell one arm push-up x10 (each arm)

Super set #2

  • 1 leg deadlift x10 (each leg)
  • Deadlift halo x10 (each side of the body right and left)

Super set #3

  • Devils press x10
  • Front shoulder raise x10

Super set #4

  • Reverse lunge-Squat-hop x10
  • Staggered stance pulse x10 (each leg)

Super set #5

  • Close grip tricep push-up x10
  • Overhead tricep press x10

Go up in weight on the second super set if the first set is easy to finish all 10 reps. remember to keep your core engaged during each exercise. Drink water after each super set.

“Consistency is more important than perfection”

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