Glutes & Leg Workout

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Glutes and Legs are not easy to work. Admittedly I have to get very psyched up to go do legs. But the benefits out weight any procrastination. Toned strong legs are sexy. Strong legs and glutes help keep you stable and if you happen to trip can catch your fall.

3 Rounds of all 5 exercises taking only a 20-30 second break in between each exercise.

  • Alternating Front Lunge-3 pass pulse x20 total
  • Suitcase Squat (3down-1up) x20 (heavy weights)
  • Glute bridge x20 (whatever weight size you want)
  • Glute bridge pulse x20
  • Glute bridge combo x20

Going up in weight with Round.

If you don’t include “Legs” in your workout routine just start small// add one leg day a week into your workout routine and after 2 weeks to a month add one more leg totaling 2 leg workouts a week.


Hat// Angry Minnow Vintage


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