Gun Show Workout

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Have you ever heard of your arms referred to as the “gun show”? I used to be a natural body builder and in the weight room sometimes people would refer to their arms as their “guns”.

Silly but true!!

This workout is for your “guns”/arms and it is straight forward and challenging but doable.

This arm workout can be added to a leg workout or you can add it on to your cardio before or afterwards.

4 Rounds of all 5 exercises (its a lot but get through as much as you can. Maybe start with doing 1 or 2 Rounds and build up to 4 Rounds)

  • Wide arm push-ups x20
  • Shoulder rockets x20 each arm (use light weights)
  • Bear Plank Walks x20
  • Tricep dips (straight legs) x20
  • Overhead tricep presses x20

The Gun Show workout is well rounded, meaning you hit more than just arms you hit the back muscles, chest muscles, biceps, and ABS. These exercises are called “Compound exercises” they work more than just the targeted muscle.

Efficient and challenging.

Lets get after it folks.



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