Gunshow Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

This Bi’s and Tri’s workout requires just dumbbells.

Start with the lightest weight your arms can handle and after each round increase weight (only if you are not compromising your form). For example, if you start to use your back in the bicep curls to lift the weight go down in weight, if you’re swinging your arms to hit the tricep in the tricep kickback go down in weight.

  • Bicep Curl x15
  • Tricep Extension x15
  • Bicep press out x15
  • Overhead tricep press x15
  • Hammer curl x15
  • Tricep push-up x15

SuperSet 1 bicep exercise and a 1 tricep exercise then rest for 10 seconds.

4 rounds of all 6 exercises.

Drink at least 32ounces of water during and after a workout this will hydrate your muscles and increase the afterburner effect.



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