High/Low Animal Print Outfit

Here we go the slip dress for Fall is the new look and Targets brand “A New Day” has done a terrific job at designing a slip dress you can wear and feel good in, not to mention you don’t break the bank buying the dress.

My rule of thumb on trends in fashion is…

Scope out the high end version of the trend (look at Prada’s/Gucci/Dior/)decide if that trend fits your “look” and then go find it in lower end stores. You can test out if it is just a trend or something you will be adding to your closet every season. You havent spent a fortune and you can see for yourself if YOU like the look on YOU.

Then there are “Investment pieces” you can add to your wardorb. More expensive items that you can wear with many outfits and for many years. Such as these Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps in Espresso Suede. You can use my code to shop Sarah Flint.

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