July Leg Blast Workout

We created a leg workout that is all done on the floor, allowing you to focus on form, engage the core muscles, and target your leg muscles specifically and not put pressure on the joints. We included bands around the thighs to make the workout more intense (you don’t need to use a band). Plus, doing a leg workout on the floor doesn’t require any equipment just you and gravity.

Erin Schindler joined me for this workout and I’m always happy when we can workout together. In fact, we have been working out together since 2004. We met at the Country Club we were both member of, our kids were on the same swim team (it was all ages swim team). We hit it off immediately, I actually came home and told, my then husband, I had finally met someone I actually liked at the club. We have run races and done triathlons together and been friends ever since. Erin pushes me and inspires me all the time she is quite the power house and inspiration!!


Bands and a gorilla mat

The Workout

2 Rounds of all 8 exercises with a 30 second break after each “pulse” exercise.

  • Bent knee glute lift x25
  • Bent Knee glute pulse x25
  • (Break 30 seconds)
  • Straight Leg glute lift x25
  • Straight Leg glute pulse x25
  • (Break 30 seconds)
  • 1 Leg Glute lift x25
  • 1 Leg Glute pulse x25
  • (Break 30 Seconds)
  • Glute lift x25
  • Glute lift pulse x25

Keep your hips and shoulders squared off with each other. The hip of the leg you are working needs to be in alinement with your other hip and with your shoulders. It should not be higher then your other hip, this causes you to not engage your glutes at all just the side of your hip joint.


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