Killer ABS with Tracey Kubitz

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

Talk about a tough person Tracey Kubitz not only runs her own very successful business she is one dynamite athlete.

We have been friends for many years and our daughters are dear friends.

Years ago we competed in triathlons together, we ran together for years and have biked/hiked/swam together. So it’s natural for us to show YOU some our workouts we do together and hopefully YOU enjoy them as much as we do.

  • Runner Crunch x25
  • Bicycle Press x25
  • Mason Twist x25
  • Full Sit Up Shoulder Press x25
  • Oblique Crunch x25 (each side of the body right and left)
  • Oblique Pulses x25 (each side of the body right and left)
  • Toe Tap Heal Raise x25 (each leg)

Do all 7 exercises/taking a break in between each exercise//10-20 secs only.

Complete 3 Rounds of all 7 exercises. ((On the Mason Twist you don’t need to use weights but if you are using weights try and go up in weight poundage with each Round)).


Workout Clothing: Salutation Tight 7/8 ATHLETA

Elizabeth’s Running Shoes: Saucony Endorphin Shift 3


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