Leg Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

Leg Day can be one of the most dreaded days for someone who works out. This leg workout is so quick and efficient you won’t believe how fast effective these exercises are for your legs that you may start looking forward to leg day.

  • DB Step Ups x15 each leg (Use heavy weights/remember propel yourself up with the leg that is standing on the step or bench not the leg that is coming up from the floor.
  • Sumo Squat x15 toes pointed to the corner of the room not parallel.
  • Staggered Stance Pulses x20 each leg

3 rounds of all 3 exercise with a 1 minute break after each round. Take in water during your breaks that will help get you through the next round far more efficiently.

Workout attire: Athleta~https://athleta.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=1006482&nav=meganav%3ANew%3ACATEGORIES%3AAll%20New%20Arrivals

The Hat: https://www.angryminnowvintage.com

The Workout Mat: https://gorillamats.com



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