Liz’s picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom’s department store got its start in 1901 in Seattle as the Wallin and Nordstrom Shoe Store. Opening around the same time, down the street, was a store called Best’s Finds, opened by Dorothy Cabot Best, stocked with finds (clothing) from a buying trip she took to the east coast. Quickly cementing her role as the tastemaker in the Seattle area.

When Dorothy died in 1958 her husband was lost without her and soon approached the Nordstrom shoe store to absorb the Best Clothing store. In 1963 Nordstrom acquired Best apparel.

However, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale started to carry on a tradition that Best Apparel had started in 1955.

Dorothy Best had had a huge sale to commemorate the stores 30th anniversary. After the Nordstrom family acquired Best apparel they continued the tradition of the annual sale that still draw in Nordstrom fans today in 2024.

⭐️The HOB gift guide for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale⭐️

In the 1980’s and 1990’s journalists would flock to Nordstroms just to report on the scene that the “pre-sale” of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, would cause. Everyone knew the date of the sale and they would pre-shop the store before the doors opened on the day the sale started.

Nordstrom also introduced new pre-fall items during the sale which did one of two things: made shoppers feel like they had the inside track on the newest trend and boost the normally lower summer sales numbers.


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