Power ABS

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

Featuring Erin Schindler

Power Abs is an advanced workout you can do anywhere and you don’t equipment unless you WANT to use weights. If you want to make it even more intense do 2 rounds of all the exercises.

  • Low Plank Knee Drops
  • Low Plank Single Knee Drops
  • High Plank Diagonal Mountain Climbers
  • Oblique Crossovers (right and Left Leg)
  • Weighted Knee Full Sit ups (right and left leg)
  • Crunch Hold Pulses

For Full with Erin and Elizabeth go to YouTube http://Video link https://youtu.be/_7c0-VqXLHg

Workout Clothes by Athlete: https://athleta.gap.com



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