Simple Hacks to Stay Motivated to Workout-I bet You didn’t know….

All of us at the HOB workout daily. That doesn’t mean getting out that door is always easy, it takes mental fitness, sometimes courage, and definitely a motivating element to get moving.

Here are 5 hacks we do to stay motivated to move and workout daily.

As a personal trainer I always tell my clients they are year round athletes. However, as a year round athlete we don’t have the games, meets and state finals to train for, we train for life.

Training for life can be overwhelming and defeating. Simple small goals are the key to staying motivated everyday. Here are 5 hacks we want to share with you to help keep you in the game of life.

Hack #1 SIGN UP FOR A RACE OR COMPETITION I use this hack, Erin, Chef Jim, Kendall, Cindy and Tracy Miller use this to stay motivated as well. Whether it be a small race that is very attainable to achieve or a more challenging difficult race or CrossFit competition, we sign up as often as we can.

Signing up for a race gives you something to strive for and if you sign up with a friend it keeps you accountable.

Knowing you’ve paid and committed to a race or competition means you are more likely to stick to the training plan. If you were on teams in high school and college it gives you that team mentality you don’t get from anywhere else.

Goal setting gives you a clear, time bound goal to work towards. This helps structure your day to make sure your workouts take priority (HELPS you with habit building that works). In order to prioritize those workouts you have to take any friction out of that part of your day to make sure that time of day work for your workout.

Mentally you’re telling your brain, this is important, this means a lot to me, this is what we are doing, marrying a thought to an action thus hard wiring your brain that this is a priority (more habit building).

HACK #3 TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. I use a separate datebook and hand write what workouts I achieved everyday. Sometimes I add in how the workout felt, if I have any injuries, or CAPITALIZE a certain mileage or weight workout with a check mark ✅signifying that workouts importance and that I accomplished it.

You can use an app or just the notes in your phone to track as well.

Hack #4 is CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE. Keep your body guessing by switching exercises, workout types (yoga, cardio, strength), and even equipment to prevent boredom and plateaus.

By changing up how you move and who you move with will help keep you motivated to stay moving. Golfing, fishing and hiking are just a few things you can do to stay moving.

Hack #5 REWARD YOURSELF. Treat yourself to something, non-food related, after hitting your goal for the day or the workout. I buy new workout clothes, or get a new playlist to run to, or buy a good book on audible and save it for my long walks, also you can treat yourself to a massage.

Being able to write you ran your first 5 miles ever, or hitting that golf shot you’ve never hit before or whatever small goal you’ve made for that day, all need a mini celebration or a reward to help keep you motivated to get up and be that year round athlete day after day.

If all of these tips fail simply MOVE/WALK, get outside possibly or go to the gym and do 10 minutes of cardio. I guarantee once you get dressed, drive to the gym, get on a machine you will end up doing more than 10 minutes.

Tell us what motivates you or what micro celebrations you do when you’ve achieved your goals email us at: and let us know!!!


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