Slow & Steady Workout

What’s the saying? Slow and steady wins the race? Changing up the pace of the reps you do while using dumbbells prevents adaptation. Your body will adapt to the same weight load and same weight workout quite quickly. Changing that pace and amount weight confuses the body and prevents that from happening.

2 Rounds of all 8 exercises executed for 1 minute each

Each exercise should be done on 1-2 up (squeeze the muscle or shorten the muscle on a two count) 1-2 down (stretch the muscle or lengthen the muscle on a two count).

  • Chest Press on the floor Hips lifted (1 minute)
  • Angled Chest Push-Ups (1 minute)
  • Pull-Downs (Single pull-down right arm/Single pull down left arm/both arms) (1 minute)
  • Lateral Lunge-Row (1 minute)
  • Medial Delt Raises (1 minute)
  • Hammer Bicep Curls (1 minute)
  • Tricep Close Grip Push-Up (1 minute)
  • Tricep Straight Arm Press (1 minute)

Slow and Steady reps imposes different types of muscle fatigue. Placing new demands on your muscles that farther spur on adaptations. Your muscles never get used to the same reps stimulus.

NOTE: You may find in your 2 Round that you have to go down in weight because your form is compromised. DO IT!! You are fatiguing the muscle in a different way with slow counting reps it will be harder than normal.


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