Upper Body Superset Workout with Erin Schindler

Do you ever want to get a great Upper Body Workout but you don’t know what exercises to do?

Here is your answer ⤵️

This workout is meant to focus on your Upper Body specifically. Starting with your Chest muscles, then your Back, Biceps and finally your Triceps. A superset is two exercises done back to back with no break until the two exercises are complete.

3 Rounds of all 8 exercises (going up in weight, if your form isn’t compromised, each Round).

*Chest Flies x10 *Chest Pulses x20 (40 Second Break)

*Wide Arm Push-Ups x10

*Single Arm Row x10 (40 Second Break)

*Full range Bicep Curl x10

*Bicep Pulses x20 (40 Second Break)

*Overhead Tricep Press x10

*Overhead Tricep Pulse x20 (40 Second Break)

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