Why add a Box Shuffle into your Workouts

A box shuffle is an exercise that is used in Crossfit and in group fitness classes. It can be done with plyometric’s (meaning adding height to the movement) or just tapping the foot side to side. But you need a box or a step as an obstacle to step over. You can do this move slowly or quickly, with weights in the hands or just body weight (body weight is encouraged).

This exercise challenges the cardiovascular system, trains your core by keeping an upright posture while shuffling your legs you keep the abdominal muscles tight and that helps with balance as well. It is a cross training exercise that can compliment other muscles groups that running and rowing don’t use, and because you move laterally it can help with agility in sports that require cutting and changing direction.

In summary, the BOX SHUFFLE improves speed, power, agility, coordination, cardio ability and total body functional strength. It is a very effective Crossfit and HIIT exercise.

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