Zada’s Red Shoes

This is my Grandmother Zada O’Brien Foley, she is my inspiration for creating this website. She was so loving, welcoming, inquisitive, smart and really funny.

She dressed impeccably. I never saw her walking around in a “house coat”, or a robe. She got “dressed-up” every morning meaning, she was in an elegant outfit with her jewelry on and perfumed before her first cup of coffee. One of my favorite things to do was to go into her closet and jewelry drawer and dig around for hours trying everything on and imagine I could one day be a grown up and be this glamorous.

My all time favorite items she owned was her RED SHOES. The minute I arrived at her house I went looking for those shoes and coveted them until we left her house.

Over the years I’ve tried to find just the right RED SHOES to replace those fabulous shoes and I finally found them.

Thank you Angela Scott for creating the most delightful RED SHOES on the planet. I can stop my quest and relax. These are even more spectacular then my Grandmother Zada’s (Shhhhhhh don’t tell her) and so comfortable with fun sporty kiltie fringe on the top of the shoe.

I styled these fabulous nuggets of joy with a Tory Burch medium red tote and red tassel earrings from SugarFixx at Target. It all was wrapped up nicely with a stunning dress from KJP (Kiel James Patrick), soft, flowing plaid dress that is cut so beautifully you can wear it for any occasion.

A good friend of mine made me my red beaded bracelet and necklace which are just darling and a perfect small pop of color in this outfit, along with the shoes, earrings and bag.

When you are pairing bold colors with an outfit and you want them pop remember “less is more”.

I was thrilled to find Zada’s RED SHOES and thanks to my daughter Lizzy (who worked at Tory Burch in Manhattan) I found the perfect RED tote bag to style with the shoes.

I want to say my wardrobe is complete with my new RED SHOES but we both know…that will never happen.

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