4 x 4 Arm Workout

I designed this workout for you to be able to get a strong sensible arm workout in at reasonable time frame. So this workout is perfect for when you are on vacation, on the road for work, not much time to get to the gym or after a cardio workout.

By designing 4 exercises that are done back to back (you only take a break at the end of the 4th exercise) you automatically will bring your heart rate up, making this workout not only a strength training workout but a cardio workout as well.

Starting the workout with a compound move incorporates more then one muscle group it actives several muscles to create the efficiency you need for a 20 minute workout.

4 exercises done back to back (it’s called a giant set) take a break after the 4th exercise is complete. Your break should be 30-60 seconds only then hit the next Round (4 Rounds total).

Execute each exercise for 1 minute

4 Rounds total of all 4 exercises in each Round

20 minute workout

4 Rounds of all 4 exercises

  • *Plank-Row-Tricep Kickback
  • *Spiderman Push-ups
  • *Medial Deltoid-Arnold Press
  • *Bicep curl-2down/2up

Use the timer on your phone or the clock on the wall to keep track of the minute marker. Take a break after the 4th exercise is finished. Keep yourself hydrated after each Round, take sips of water, it help you get through the next Round.



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