A Quick Tricep & Bicep Blast Workout

Erin and I have put together a quick and efficient Tricep & Bicep workout you can do anywhere. There two secrets to working your triceps and biceps

1 focus on the negative motion. When doing Biceps and Tricep exercises lowering your weights in a slow and controlled manner will help maximize the exercises to produce greater gains.

2 Using different hand placement and angling the movement differently with each exercise will prevent plateauing.

The key is consistently challenging the muscle in new ways. Focus ALWAYS on perfect form and really isolating the target muscle that will always drive growth.


Dumbbells & a Bench or Step

The Workout

3 Rounds of all 4 exercises with a 30 second break in-between each exercise

  • Tricep Dips x25
  • Tricep Kickbacks x25
  • Bicep Curls x25
  • Tricep Overhead Press x25

Try to go up in weight with each Round however, if your form is compromised go back to the weight you worked in the previous Round.


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