American Swings featuring Erin Schindler

American Swings are a highly effective full body exercise that build power in the body, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness.

They work glutes, core, back, shoulders, and arms. Swings can be made more difficult by adding weight, changing the swing plane, or performing alternating leg swings.

HOB’s own Erin Schindler has used “American Swings” during her

12 years of Crossfit workouts to enhance her performance to prepare for some of the

12 Crossfit Open’s she has competed in

15 triathlons she has done

5 (1/2 Ironman) Triathlon’s

2 (FULL) Ironman Triathlons

20 Marathons.


Erin and I have run together for many years, we actually ran the 2015 marathon together, in fact, Erin, Chef Jim (her husband), and I trained in the same run club team for that marathon.

Erin trains with a smile on her face and always a story to tell and a listening ear. Which, if you are looking for a training buddy, are terrific accolades to find.

Erin is a dynamite training partner and dynamite bestie friend.

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