Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

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Recently a reporter, from a local TV station in Minneapolis, reached out to me to do an interview on my coaching/personal training.

After talking for a while we realized that the topic of strength training for older adults hadn’t been featured often. I happened to train at least 5 people that are 65+ so I quickly reached out to two of those 5 people to see if they would be willing to be interviewed and willing to demonstrate some of the weight training we do on a weekly basis.

Harriet Witt, 68, from Wayzata MN and Ruth Ann Swanson, 71, from Chaska MN are two of the most dedicated and strong clients, I’m honored to train each week, at Lifetime Eden Prairie.

Some of the things that strength training has helped them with is mobility. Carrying in groceries, lowering yourself into a chair and getting out of the chair, vacuuming, cooking and walking up and down the stairs in your home are just a few examples of the simple movements that are easier to do if you use weights twice a week.

Our population is aging: The number of people age 65+ is projected to grow to 447 million by 2050. People are living longer, what kind of quality of life are they living? Implementing strength training 2-3 times a week can keep you walking, keeping up your own home and most of all living on your own and not in assisted living.

A huge shout out to Lifetime Eden Prairie and KSTP for a fun and wonderful afternoon.

Thank you:

Richard Reeves (KSTP)

Dan Debaun (Lifetime)

Mike Schuh (Lifetime)

Harriet Witt (Client Lifetime)

Ruth Ann Swanson (Client Lifetime)

Lifetime Eden Prairie Tap for directions, and information.


  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful Ladies!
    Congratulations!! You all did such a wonderful job!
    So proud of you . You all inspire me. I feel honored to be a student of our wonderful teacher Liz and to be in such a great group. Thank you and warm hugs, Susan

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