Bosu Ball ABS

If you want a strong core, a challenging core workout, and increased core stability this is the workout for YOU.

By isolating the abdominal muscles, while doing an AB workout, on the Bosu ball, you automatically strengthen the lower back, glutes, and hips. When all of those muscles are working and getting stronger, your posture and overall core strength are heightened.

Traditional AB exercises on the floor don’t provide the instability of a Bosu ball. Having to balance on the Bosu ball while doing your AB workout forces you to work harder to control your bodies position. Adding a level of difficulty to your workout.

The Bosu ball adds a next level to your AB workouts. The unstable surface provides an effective way to strengthen both your ABS and overall strength.


Bosu Ball

Gorilla Mat

The Workout

2 Rounds of all 5 exercises. Take a 30 second break in-between Round 1 and 2.

  • Deadbug Hold (30 second hold)
  • Sit-Up x25
  • Sit-Up Hold (30 seconds)
  • Oblique Reach x25 (right)/ (left)
  • Mountain Climber x25

Remember to set up the exercise first then execute it. Start slowly, especially if you have never used a Bosu ball before. You can feel unstable at first, while executing the exercises, find a spot on the wall or the floor, with your eyes, to help you with balance.

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