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Featuring Jen Allen

I’ve been coaching people for 37 years in the fitness industry, from fitness instructing, personal training and coaching~new and seasoned runners.

In the last year I’ve had the good fortune to coach all 3 in a small group setting at Lifetime Fitness in Eden Prairie Minnesota. It’s called GTX we spend 1 hour focused on weight training and treadmill intervals.

Some of the people I’ve been honored to train I’ve also featured here on the House of O’Brien so their hard work and determination can be highlighted and hopefully inspire you!!


*How long have you been a member at LTF?

14 years

*What helps motivate you to workout?

How great I feel after I finish a workout, especially a workout with friends! I also love when my clothes fit and I feel confident and strong.

*What is 1 tip you can offer someone to start working out?

Find a fitness community you can connect with and have similar interests. They will help to keep you accountable and being able to show up on the days you don’t feel like working out.

*What sport or activities did you grow up doing?

I played Soccer, Broom-ball and I was a Cheerleading

*What would people be surprised to know about you?

Sometimes I get stuck in a fitness “RUT”. I’m so thankful LTF continues to offer different types of group fitness classes and is growing their pickle-ball community. Changing up my workouts helps to keep me motivated and to stay consistent with doing my workouts.

*How do you motivate yourself when you don’t want to workout?

I connect with a workout pal and take a group fitness class at LTF, the same Peloton workout remotely or walk with my mini Bernedoodle and a friend.

In the past 5 years Jen has become an even more dynamic athlete than she already was. She was slightly intimidated by treadmill workouts but since she has started doing GTX, with me, her stride and cadence has improved by leaps and bounds. She has a clean smooth stride and is also very strong and she takes hills like she has done them all her life. Secretly, I can’t wait to watch her first race!!

As a side note, I’ve had the good fortune to join the Minnesota Arboretum Gala Commintee with her this year. (This is also her second term serving as a trustee on the Arboretum board/8th year on the Gala committee ), and I must say she approaches all those commitments as intelligently and strong as she approaches her workouts.

I feel privileged to be able to do the job I do, but even more to be able to train the people I train.❤️



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