DB (dumbbell) Leg Workout

The combination of multi-joint exercises, increased resistance over bodyweight exercises, exercises versatility make it a very well-rounded workout to build stronger more toned legs.

Changing up your routine is important for your body so it never gets used to what you’re throwing at it. Body adapt quickly and changing your workout routine by adding dumbbells is just one way not to plateau. In addition, adding a band around the legs during the workout helps to add intensity as well. Building stronger legs helps in everyday life and as we age.


Dumbbells and bands

The Workout

4 Rounds of all 4 exercises down back to back with a 40 second rest in between Rounds. Have your medium and heavy weights at the ready and if you need to switch up weights take a second and do never compromise form.

  • Reverse Lunge/ 1 arm Upright Row x15 each side (Note: Place the dumbbell in the hand of opposite arm of the leg that is moving).
  • Cossack Squat/lunge x20 You can use a kettlebell as well
  • Lateral Lunge/ Row x15 each side
  • Power Lunge x20 each side (you can use just body weight or medium/heavy weights)

Add this leg workout to your weekly routine and you will amazed how much your legs get toned and stronger. Remember to fuel your muscles with protein and rest in-between workouts.

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