Essential Kitchen Tool #1

By Kendall Oberto

To produce the lightest, fluffiest, most perfect mashed potatoes, there a several key steps.

 1) Cook your potatoes until they are very tender

2) Have your add in ingredients room temperature

3) don’t mix them too much and finally, and most importantly

4) use a potato ricer.  

This wonderful tool is like an oversized garlic press and processes the potatoes by forcing them through small holes which produce thin threads that resemble rice.  I don’t advocate having many “single use” tools in my kitchen (although you can actually use it for other things like mashing apples for applesauce or avocados for guacamole) but this one is worth having.  

Check out our recipe for “Perfect Mashed Potatoes” and grab yourself my pick, the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer


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