Everyday ABS with Erin Schindler

SHE IS BACK FOLKS!! Erin Schindler and I have put together a terrific AB workout for you to do anywhere.

This AB workout targets upper ABS, Lower ABS and the side of your ABS known as your obliques.

Erin is a 2-time Ironman finisher, 10 plus years of a crossfit athlete and a Mother of 2 gorgous daughters. I’m proud to call her one of my BFF’s and fitness partner in crime.

Everyday ABS Workout

2 Rounds of all 7 Exercises with a 20 second break in between each execise.

  • Crunches x20
  • Crunch pulses x20
  • Flutter Kicks x20
  • Reverse Heel Lifts x20
  • Scorpion heel lifts x20 each side
  • Side plank hold 20 second each side
  • Side plank hip drop x20 each side

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