Full AB Workout

Doing this full AB workout will incorporate exercises for all parts of the abdominal muscles to maximize the strength, appearance and functional benefits for your core and overall health.

Sculpt a toned midsection. While you can’t spot reduced fat, strengthening your abs will help develop the muscles underneath.


No equipment just body weight

The Workout

2 Rounds of x20 reps of each exercise

  • ⏺Oblique Hip Drop x20
  • ⏺Transverse toe/heel drop x20
  • ⏺Heels to the heavens x20
  • ⏺Reverse transverse curl x20
  • ⏺Full body tuck-ins x20

This full ab workout should take about 20 minutes. I design these workouts to be efficient and concise for you to be able to do anywhere.

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