Full Body HIIT Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

This is a terrific Butt Kicker of a workout.

You have a 1 minute power move (called a Devils Press) in between each exercise. This workout will hit every muscle group and the (HIIT/high intensity interval training)metabolic kick comes from throwing in that power move and executing it for 1 minute.

  • Devils Press 1 minute (use heavy weights if you can if not it is no big deal just use body weight)
  • Chest Press x15
  • Devils Press 1 minute
  • Glute Bridge x15 (heavy weights)
  • Devils Press 1 minute
  • Arnold Press x15
  • Devils Press 1 minute
  • Tricep Dips with a knee drive x15
  • Devils Press 1 minute
  • Bicep Curls x15
  • Devils Press 1 minute

Good Luck this is hard one folks.

The Workout Attire: https://beyondyoga.com

The Mat: https://gorillamats.com



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