How to Buy High/Low Outfits for Yourself

Putting high/low outfits together is really fun. You need to use your creativity first and foremost. Here is how I put those outfits together.

I make it time efficient. Whenever I’m at a lower end store I give myself about 10-15 minutes to peruse the clothing section. Any thing that catches my eye that is remotely my type of style I will look at, I don’t look at anything too far out of my style range, that keeps my time frame to 10-15 minutes.

Check the color. Is the color of the item a color I would noramlly buy? A lot of times lower end items are made in more dull or muted colors.

Is the cut of the item too big and boxy or too small? Lower end items can be made too big or way too small give each item a quick try on. When you go to try on the item you want to bring several of the same size, they are usually made in bulk and each piece may fit differently.

Once you buy the item and bring it home find shoes, jewerly, pants, shirts that accent the item and quickly try it on together.

This may seem like a lot of steps but after a awhile it takes no time at all and you have new outfits for the investment pieces you have purchased many years ago.

You can also try out a new trend, without spending a fortune, to see if you like it or if works for your lifestyle. You haven’t spent a lot of money and you may love the trend or dislike it, either way if you love the trend you can then go find the trendy item in a higher quality item at a better store.

The slip dress trend I’ve been reticent about so I implemented my “high/low” buying method for trendy new items and this dress, at Target, caught my eye.

The cut is a bit more boxy then I would normally buy but it worked.

I styled it with Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals 100, in gold napa, and I added the Fleming hand bag from Tory Burch along with an Anita Ko cresent diamond necklace.

1 low priced item, 3 investment pieces and I created a great look for any event or dinner on the town.

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