How to wear Trendy Pieces without compromising YOUR style

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I’m 56 years old I know myself and my style however, when a new trendy piece comes along that I love I take some things into consideration.

Does the piece work with my age?

My daughters are 28 and 26 there is no way I should or would wear some of the trends for their age group. If I can pair pieces of my existing wardrobe with the trendy piece I’ll buy it.

Does the piece work with my body type?

I adore flare jeans and pants but if the flare starts below knee I have to be careful of the waste height. If the waste on the pant is low that big huge flare will make my more muscular legs look like tree trunks. If the waste is longer that make my thighs look longer and the flare being big is OK.

The bottom line is choose trendy pieces that fit your body type and age but also make you feel confident and fit into your existing look seamlessly. Never overhaul your wardrobe for the newest trend.

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