Insane ABS

ABS, I believe, need to be worked and trained just like other muscles in your body. However, the ABS are a big muscle so they need you work them out extra hard.

This workout includes all four parts of the ab muscles (rectus, transverse, and obliques) and this workout, works all four parts HARD.

3 Rounds of all 6 exercises

  • Straight leg HOLD (1 Minute Hold)
  • Flutter kicks x15
  • Sitting up scissors x15
  • Knees in and out x15
  • Pull-ins (hands on the floor/finger tips facing your glutes) x15
  • Pull-ins (hands in the air) x15

The insane part of this workout is it hits all four muscles parts of the abdominal muscles and with many reps. Creating core strength, better posture, flatter stomach, increased balance, cross training benefits and injury prevention.


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