Introducing Albion Fit Bathing Suits

So get this…I recently got this fun gig as a swimsuit ambassador. Basically, that means a swimsuit brand likes how I look in their suits and wants me to model them on social media to show people that their line looks good on all different body types, including those of us in our 50’s.

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Albion Fit was founded by Liz & Dave Findlay in 2012 in their hometown of Salt Lake City. Dave actually proposed to Liz at the Albion basin in Utah. After many years of struggling and creating active and swim wear for other brands, Liz and Dave decided to take a risk and start their own company. Thus, Albion brand was created. Made from only the best fabrics and world class craftsmanship they have designed sophisticated and timeless swim suits and active wear. As of 2022 they have 5 stores and they make their own Albion products in their own factories.

It is quite an honor to have been asked to represent this special brand owned by a very special couple. Most brands only show 20 somethings modeling their swimsuits, so I love that this brand is normalizing the idea that women of all ages can and should feel confident in their swimsuits.

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