June AB Workout

Aiming for 2-3 AB workouts a week allows your core muscles to recover properly while stimulating your muscles for growth. Doing 2-3 AB workouts a week also improves your posture and helps protect your back. I’ve struggled with back issues my whole life and when I execute 2-3 AB workouts a week I lessen my back issues by almost 99%.

If you don’t do AB workouts now add one workout in a week. Start small to ensure you lock in the habit of incorporating AB workouts into work out routines. If after 1 month of adding 1 AB workout into your routine you guarantee steady results and much stronger core.

June AB Workout


Dumbbells and a gorilla mat

The Workout

3 Rounds of all 5 exercises done back to back

  • (weighted) Full Sit-Up x25
  • Bicycle Press x25
  • (weighted) Mason Twist x25
  • (weighted) Leg Raises x25
  • (weighted) Knee In and Outs x25

Go slowly and focus on the quality of your reps, use low weights to begin~then with each Round use heavier weights.

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