La Robe (or dress in English)

The power house behind the brand “Grungemama” is Natalie. She stared the brand in 2015, in France, as just a website to sell her style of clothing, Boho/Rock. Fast forward she now owns a brick and mortar store in Madrid and her online brand is booming. I’ve been buying her brand for years I adore the her look and products and I think you will too. Although, I’m a little more preppy I love to edge up my preppy style with a little Rock and Roll.

This dress is from Grungemama (however, it sold out/I linked some adorable dresses that are similar) is a perfect example of the free spirit, edgy, prep look I love going for whenever I put an outfit together.

On the right I have a photo of Natalie the owner CEO of Grungemama, her style is so free, so European, with swirls of Boho/Rock.

I paired my Grungemama dress with a glorious pair of Sarah Flint Shoes and J.Crew earrings (hitting my preppy mark).

I believe the key to blending your style-favorites is to first know what YOUR style is.

Then test out different looks together but make each element subtle. For example, I didn’t pair preppy boat shoes with a this Boho dress (La Robe), I added subtle preppy J.Crew earrings that had a hint of the brown colors in the dress. I added a more formal preppy shoe that had fun texture and in a brown color that was also within the dress, which didn’t take the “Boho” integrity away from the dress but dressed it up and created a slightly more formal look to this Boho/Rock type dress. In addition, I took my Target-A New Day brand bracelets and finished the look to dress up the Grungemama Boho-Rock-Prep look.


Send us your combined styles we love hearing from all of you and seeing what you create.

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