Legs on the Floor Workout

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I admit I was a huge Jane Fonda fan back in the 80’s. I did her video workouts everyday. This workout is reminiscent of those workouts but with a modern spin.

The exercises I put together for this “legs on the floor workout” are so beneficial because they target the glutes almost as good as glute bridges.

The benefits of a leg workout on the floor is, in addition to targeting the glutes, the exercises target abdominal muscles (rectus and obliques)and it hits your anterior hip flexors making them strong and stable.

3 Rounds of all 6 exercises

  • Bent knee lift x25 (right & left leg)
  • Bent knee pulse x25 (right & left leg)
  • Straight leg lift x25 (right & left leg)
  • Straight leg pulse x25 (left leg)
  • Face down bent knee lift x25 (right & left leg)
  • Face down straight leg lift x25 (right & left leg)

After the first Round take a short break 20-30 secs then hit the next Round.

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