Lower Body Workout (for May)

Workout of the Day

Our May Lower Body Workout is a great add on to any cardio workout or add to any of our Upper Body Workouts as well.

What are some unexpected benefits to lower body workouts?

Boosts your mood//as you exercise your brain releases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which all lessen the feelings of depression and anxiety.

Improves Digestion//from weight lifting, biking, even walking moves your legs boosting your metabolism and aiding in nutrient absorption which can break down your food better promoting better digestion.

Promotes Better Sleep//With everyone using electronics and consuming more caffeine, raising the internal temperature of your body with exercise helps the body regulate the lowering of the internal body temperature once you go to bed at night. Also, exercise wares you out by using more energy thus helping you sleep at night.

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