Meeting Your Idol (Baking Idol)

This Zoë François, the one and only, yesterday I had the good fortune to meet this lovely soul and learn (yet again) more about baking. To say I was in heaven was an understatment. Zoë is my baking idol. She bakes with such effort and skill it blows my mind. But what really floors me is her postive outlook and her grace and joy (true joy) while she is baking and teaching this masterful skill.

Zoë was accompanied by her good friend Sarah Kieffer, a master baker in her own right, who made the most delightful perfect cookies ever.

I can cook just about anything but baking I sometimes struggle with but I’m eager to learn everything I can. Baking takes years and many trials and error to succeed at learnng. Baking involves more chemistry and precision where cooking leaves a little wiggle room for imperfection.

Along with my sister Ann we learned how to make a Pumpkin Basque-style Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip/Chocolate Cookies.

Sounds easy but there is so much more to both of those recipes than you would think.

We also had the chance to meet Stephanie March the Senior Editor of MSP magazine and cohost of the Weekly Dish podcast.

We also got to see and visit with Sue Zelickson (Columnist, Radio host, Foodie, a James Beard winning food media personality, WCCO radio contributor and philanthropist).

What a great afternoon learning, laughing and getting to see my baking idol in person (and she is just as joyful, inspirational and positive in person maybe more so!!!) Along with Sarah Kieffer the cookie baking queen.

P.S. I got to also meet my baking idols Dad Craig, how fun is that?

I’ve linked the recipes we have of Zoë’s here on the HOB.

Zoë’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Zoë Apple Cake with Honey Bourbon Glaze

Linked below is Zoë François’s cookbook and Sarah Kieffer’s cookbook and all the kitchen equipment you need to start baking or complete your baking needs.

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Happy Eating!!


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