My strategies for Vacation Packing

Years ago I traveled a lot and with 3 kids at my side. I had to pack for them and for me.

I used to get very overwhelmed with “what to pack”. I figured out a strategy that helped me stop getting overwhelmed and made packing more efficient.

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  • Check the weather where I was traveling (seems like a no brainer but a lot of people assume what the weather will be-especially if traveling to warm weather destinations.
  • I would buy a suitcase that had plenty of room, not too heavy on its own when empty, and buy a suitcase that looked stylish but not expensive. (Airlines are hard on luggage/your checked bag will get thrown around a lot so unless you’re flying private never buy super expensive luggage).
  • Buy a durable, can be expensive, sizable carry-on. Make sure it has room for your purse and anything you will need for a day of travel. (Note: I used to have an extra outfit for my kids when they were babies and an extra sweatshirt for them when they were older in case one of them had an accident or got sick).
  • I choose 2 colors to pack from in my wardrobe. That way my choices were narrowed down from the start. I pack my outfit to fly in, dinners out, workout clothing, bathing suits and whatever events I had planned within those 2 colors. By choosing 2 colors I narrow down my options making packing far more manageable and faster.
  • Here is what I pack FIRST!! (I choose these items to pack first because these items seemed to easy not to pack and inevitably sometimes I would forget them. To ensure I didn’t forget them, I packed those items first).
  • ⏺P.J.’s /workout clothes /underwear/bathing suits/flipflops/running shoes (things I would forget to pack I pack first)
  • ⏺Dinner outfits/event outfits/shoes for each of those outfits and I made sure some of the shoes could be worn with several outfits/travel day outfit/1 sweat shirt-1 sweat pants
  • ⏺Jewelry that goes with each outfit/all my toiletries I use to get ready

Then I would EDIT the whole thing down as much as I can. Once you get the process down it goes really quickly and efficient and packing isn’t so daunting and overwhelming. Especially if you are packing for yourself and others.

Safe Travels everyone. Try this method and let me know how it works for you.

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Happy Packing!!


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